The Reserve: Grogg's Green Barn

This past Friday night, I was invited to the Grand Opening of The Reserve at Grogg's Green Barn for their first Farm to Table dining experience. 

The Reserve is a new addition to Grogg's Green Barn offering a place for you to experience
local harvest in a vibrant atmosphere. Their gardens, lady hens, and buzzing bee hives are their main source to keeping it Fresh and Distinct each time you have a seat at their table. Local farmers provide the freshest and most unique cuts of meat to compliment the bounty from the garden. Executive Chef Matt Owen has a fascinating sense of world cuisine but keeping food ‘native’ to Tulsa and seasonal. It's truly a farm to table experience. 

The venue was beautifully set up and shared a welcoming vibe. I love all the attention to details from the gorgeous floral arrangements to the personalized menus. 

One of my most favorite details at the dinner was that each seat had hooks on the table so you can easily hang your purse while you dine. YES please! I wish all eateries had this little detail. 

Before dinner was served, we got a little tour of the garden where most of the food was grown and harvested and we also got to enjoy a crafted beer tasting. 

The layout of the dining venue was an open concept and it was such a delight to be able to see Chef Matt and his team prepared the meals and that he shared his inspiration on each of the courses we ate and where it came from. Our first course was a Prairie Ale Beer Bread with herbed Amish butter and sea salt and it was delicious. 

Our second course was the cutest! I mean, how often does your salad get served to you in a little clay pot. We enjoyed lettuces and herbs from the garden with walnut oil, ederflowers vinegar, blossoms, radishes and seeds. 

Our third course was a smoked cream of asparagus soup with tarragon, sorrel and browned butter. I am normally a hot soup person but this was a very light and delightful soup and was perfect for Spring. 

Our fourth course and main course was a Herbed dumpling with a ragout of 413 Farms chicken leg with wild onion and crispy chicken skin. This was such a cool take on chicken and dumpling and absolutely delicious! 

And of course, last but not least was dessert! Lemon verbena cake with honeycomb candy and strawberry semifreddo. I have to say I have never had honeycomb candy and it was yummy. The combination of all the flavors was very good and refreshing. I had such a wonderful time at the dining experience and I am so glad to see such a awesome concept finally makes it's way to Tulsa. I would highly recommend you checking out The Reserve and making a reservation of your own to experiences the Farm to Table dinner! Reservations are taken for Friday and Saturday evenings and will be available thru most of the Summer and back again in the Fall. I can't wait to go back!