Why I Decided To Give My Blog A New Look

As you may have noticed, my blog just got a new look and I couldn't be more excited! Just like anything else, as time evolves we as people change and I felt like my blog no longer matched my personality or the direction I was working towards so I reached out to Rachel of Intentionally Designed who created my website and she took all my thoughts and created a website that I am completely in love with. I have known Rachel for quite some time and I am always amaze how patient and how she is always so helpful and thoughtful with her words. If you are looking for someone to help you design your blog/website, I highly recommend Rachel! 


If you have been considering rebranding your website or giving it a new look and are scared, my advice to you is to do it and I promise you will not regret it. In working with Rachel, she made the process so easy for me, I fill out a simple questionnaire with what my vision was for the new look of my blog and examples and she quickly turned back an amazing concept board that I loved. I decided to add categories on my blog for easier navigation and incorporate more topics that I normally don't blog about. I also added a SHOP tab to make it easier for you to shop my Instagram post where I share amazing deals or some of my current favorite things. I hope you are loving the new layout of the blog and I can't wait to share more of your favorite content!