I Joined Weight Watchers, Um What?!

So if you follow along with me via Instagram ( @heythuydotcom ) then you know I finally had to get my hair officially balayage because gray hairs.  Yup, it's true folks. I suddenly will hit my mid thirties in a few months and all of a sudden, things change like getting shiny gray hairs and don't get me started on how carbs are instantly attracted to me even when I just say no, what the heck?! Last week along with one of my co-workers, I decided to join Weight Watchers online. I knew with my busy schedule that committing to a weekly meeting wouldn't work but after I read the online version of the program, I thought I had nothing to lose but maybe a few pounds so I signed up. So I am officially one week in last Friday and I am down 4 POUNDS and I am pretty darn proud of myself. At first, it was an adjustment and I really had to think about the types of foods I was putting in mouth and really plan it all out. I work a full time job so meal planning and prepping was a huge part of it. I normally do all my grocery shopping on Sundays so in the evenings, I would meal plan for the week including all the snacks. With weight watchers, there are over a 100 items that are worth zero points like fruits and veggies. I would pre wash and cut my veggies and the same with my fruit and individually package them so I would have them ready when I need a snack versus grabbing for a bag of potato chips. I definitely don't feel deprive and I actually think I am eating more but with healthier choices. So this week starts week two and I am feeling quite positive about this new change in my life and I am looking forward to seeing if I am able to keep it up and eventually hit my goal weight. I will be sharing updates on the blog and if you have any favorite Weight Watchers recipes, please share them! I would love to try them out!