Mango Orange Madness Smoothie Recipe

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Our family has been a smoothie kick lately and I been trying different recipes from my favorite book, Simple Green Smoothies and I wanted to share one of our favorites that is so simple and so yummy! The boys always ask for seconds when I made this particular recipe. 

Mango Orange Madness Smoothie

You will need:

2 Cups of Spinach

2 Cups unsweetened coconut water 

1 orange, peeled

1 cup chopped mango

1 banana


You will want to blend the spinach, coconut water and orange until smooth. If you don't have a orange on hand, you can use cuties like I did or even orange juice. After that is smooth, add the mango and banana and blend again then enjoy! 

This smoothie is jammed packed with vitamins A and C and makes a great treat after a good workout. 

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