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Easy Mini Pancake Bites

On Sundays, I normally do my meal prep for the week and this weekend, I decided to do a little pancake hack using my muffin pans to make mini pancake bites for the boys for a quick and easy breakfast before school. I have a recipe I like to make from scratch which I will share at the very bottom of this post or you could easily use a box mix as well. One of my favorite box mixes is actually the Market Pantry brand from Target. It is so good and always comes out super fluffy. 

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Easy Spinach + Bacon Muffins

This past weekend I hosted a fun brunch for a few of my girlfriends and I tried a few recipe for the first time and I loved how they turned out and how easy they were to make. I normally like to serve a quiche during brunch with with two friends being gluten free, I decided to use the same concept but bake them in muffin tin minus the crust to make them gluten free friendly. 

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