How To Shop Your Closet


A few days ago, I decided to pull everything out of my closet and reorganize my clothes as I am transitioning into summer and finally pulling out my shorts for the warmer weather and this particular outfit that I am sharing in today’s blog post was a look I put together after I organized everything in my closet and I thought it might be helpful to share on the blog today on how to shop your closet. You would be amaze how you can easily find “new” outfits or looks from items you already have in your closet by using a different thought process when you are putting outfits together and today I am sharing what I like to do when I am shopping my own closet and my thought process behind it.


Edit your Closet

The first thing you need to do is edit and organize your closet! I know this may be a hard to do but I promise you that you will feel better after you organize it and it will make shopping your closet much easier. So if there are pieces that are not serving you well, get rid of them. It will leave you with a closet full of items that you actually love and feel good wearing it. After you have purged and organized your closet, then I would suggest separating your clothes in categories so you can find items quicker and always putting your basics together. This will make finding a particular item easier for you and the pairing up process quicker.

Gather your Inspiration

Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest! I love using Pinterest as a source of inspiration for ALL THINGS and it’s especially helpful when it comes to fashion and outfit inspiration. If you are not currently on Pinterest, you need to be and it’s completely free! Once you are have created an account, create a board with photos and ideas of your personal style and looks like you would love to achieve. I use my own personal “fashion + style” often and I have found it very helpful as I am trying to recreate new looks with items I already own. I would love to have you follow me via Pinteret and you can do so by clicking HERE!

Creating a New Look

Ok, now that we have edited our closet, organized our clothes and created a Pinterest board with all our outfit inspiration, we are ready to create a few look!

The first thing I like to do when I am feeling like I been wearing the same things over and over and I want to create a new look is take a few minutes and scroll through my Pinterest board and see what outfits I have recently pinned. We tend to wear the same combination over and over as we just know that it looks good together BUT let’s force ourselves to break away from the same things we like and try a new look!

Once you have a outfit idea in your mind, take a screenshot of it and take it into your closet and see how you can replicate that look with the pieces you have. The outfit I put together in this blog post is a similar version of a look I personally pinned but I did not have the exact pieces she had but the concept is the same. I also want to mention that a good military jacket can literally be worn for ALL seasons! it is not limited to just the fall or colder months and if your anything like me, I am personally cold all the time and always have a light jacket on hand. It also may take a few different try’s to put together an outfit you like and that’s ok! Sometimes I have a vision in my mind and when I put it on, it’s not cute and I move on. I know this may sound like a process but I promise it is actually much easier than it sounds. I love breaking away from the same outfits that I wear all the time and using the pieces I currently own to create new ones and sometimes it all by simply adding a fun statement earring or a hair accessory! I hope you found this blog post helpful and I challenge you to break away from the same and create a few new outfits or looks from items that you already own!

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