4 Ways To Style Denim Shorts


Let’s talk about all the denim short! I think a pair of denim shorts is a staple for most everyone for summer and sometimes we can get into a rut on what we wear with our denim shorts so I am excited to team up with a few of my blogger friends ( Christina, Kiteen, Ashley, Rebecca and Sandy )  to share with you 4 different ways to style denim shorts. I tend to wear denim shorts all summer long so I often times need ideas myself and my hopes are this blog post will help give you some new outfit inspiration!


Look # 1:

For my first look, I took a simple cami and paired with my jeans shorts and a very lightweight military jacket. I tend to be very cold nature so I will often wear a light jacket all year long and I love this look together. If you do get hot during the day, you can easy ditch your jacket and you will still have a cute and put together look.


Look # 2 :

For my second look, I went with a very simple look. I am wearing the same denim short and I paired it with a lightweight sweater. I love wearing light weight sweaters in the summer as it gets closer in the evenings. They also transition very well into the fall.


Look # 3:

For my third look, you can could easily create this look with any long sleeve top already in your closet. I love mixing up short sleeves and long sleeves to pair with my shorts and to take it up a little notch, I just unbutton the bottom and tied it into a knot and paired it with some fun sneakers.


Look # 4:

For my last look, I paired my denim shorts with my favorite white blazer and I think this may be my favorite look! Don’t be afraid to play around with a fun jacket or blazer with your denim shorts to give it a dressed up look.

Ok, there you have it friends! 4 different ways to style your denim shorts. I hope today’s blog post was helpful and help spark some ideas for you to style your denim shorts so many different ways this summer!

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