Pre-college Life Lessons in Financial Responsibility with American Express


This post was created in partnership with American Express

Recently we added our oldest as an Additional Card Member on our American Express Card since he will be traveling this fall for his various band competition. We wanted to make sure he was equipped with a way to pay for any meals or extra expenses that might occur during his travels. We felt that giving him another option outside of carrying cash would be easier to keep up but also a great tool to teach him on how to make smart choices with his purchases. 

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Nicholas is moving to the Freshman Academy this fall and in order to graduate, each student must complete a online financial class that teaches them about financial responsibility. I wish I could have had that resource myself as a student as I was preparing to enter the adult world. Another reason why I'm so passionate about teaching my son the importance of using his money wisely and not blowing it off on unnecessary things. I want to make sure he understands the concept of debt and being smart with his purchases. It all starts with educating him early on so he's set up to be successful in the future. Learn more about how to add your teen to your account as an Additional Card Member here:

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