Teaching Our Son About Financial Responsibility with American Express


This post was created in partnership with American Express

I'm so excited to share my partnership with American Express this Summer! We were able to add my son to our account as an Additional Card Member so we can teach him all about money management as he enters his freshman year. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen that my oldest recently got into the competitive band program as his High School, which is a huge honor as several kids audition but only a little over 300 hundred kids in the district were accepted. He has worked very hard these past few years and we could not be more proud of him and his accomplishment. 


Now if you are a band parent then you may already know how much time commitment is involved with being part of this community. Most of his summer will consist of practicing and conditioning as my son will need to get use to marching with the band in his uniform in extreme heat. If all the practicing wasn't enough to keep us busy, my son will also have an opportunity to to travel with the band to compete! 


I still see him as my little boy so the thought of him traveling without us is a very new reality. I'm thankful I am able to add him to my account as an Additional Card Member to make sure he's covered when it comes to daily expenses. Not only is it a good resource for him but it's been such a great tool for teaching him about financial responsibility. I feel more at ease knowing he has a way to pay for things without having to carry cash on him and risk losing it as they change in and out of their uniforms. I am slowly adjusting to the thought of myself having a teenager, however, it is a very exciting time in his life as he gets to be a little bit more independent. I'm so excited to see what the future holds at him. Learn more about how to add your teen to your account as an Additional Card Member here: http://amex.co/2LYWpTU