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Budgeting and Staying Within the Limits with Our American Express Additional Card Membership

Tell me I’m not the only one that gets so sad at the thought of their child leaving the nest? My son is still only 14-years-old but it just makes this mama so sad to think of that day. Yet at the same time, I can’t wait to see him get to experience the college life in a few years and see what kind of amazing adult he will become.

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Setting up Text/Email notifications So You Get Alerts When Your Child Spends

Sometimes I have a love hate relationship with technology. When it works well, it’s amazing. But when it doesn’t want to work, I basically want to throw my laptop out the window. Anyone else able to related with me?! Recently my love hate relationship has turned to a love relationship as I set up the text/email notification option that’s available with Nicholas’ Additional Card Membership. Thanks to the American Express app I’m able to monitor the Additional Card that we gave our oldest to use as he is out on school functions or traveling with his band. I love being able to give him the freedom to use his card as needed, and having the option to be notified with every purchase to make sure he’s not overspending or making purchases that are unnecessary.

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Pre-college Life Lessons in Financial Responsibility with American Express

This post was created in partnership with American Express

Recently we added our oldest as an Additional Card Member on our American Express Card since he will be traveling this fall for his various band competition. We wanted to make sure he was equipped with a way to pay for any meals or extra expenses that might occur during his travels. We felt that giving him another option outside of carrying cash would be easier to keep up but also a great tool to teach him on how to make smart choices with his purchases. 

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Teaching Our Son About Financial Responsibility with American Express

I'm so excited to share my partnership with American Express this Summer! We were able to add my son to our account as an Additional Card Member so we can teach him all about money management as he enters his freshman year. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen that my oldest recently got into the competitive band program as his High School, which is a huge honor as several kids audition but only a little over 300 hundred kids in the district were accepted.

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